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Making it Down Under

RTE Commission 6 x 24 min TV series


Irish people have long been a presence in Australia, and they've made the most of the opportunities on offer.


Following the success of the original series, Garda Down Under, Making it Down Under takes a look at some recent arrivals who are working in a variety of challenging careers. From flying medics to truck drivers, mine workers to jockeys, we meet some of the Irish living and working in this extraordinary land.

Filmed over six months, we traveled the length and breath of Australia. We took no less than 15 internal flights and in the space of three weeks alone, we followed an Irish outback truck driver up and down Western Australia three times! That's the equivalent of driving from Dublin to Moscow three times over! All in the name of good stories so it was worth it.


Corkman Con O'Sullivan, who drives the world's longest road train up and down Western Australia.

Photo: Vic Miller

Matthew Mulkeen 8.jpg

Waterford native Rosie Nolan, who had a remarkable Australian family story. Her partner (not pictured) had quintuplets, which Rosie now has joint custody of following a breakdown in the relationship.

Matthew Mulkeen, an emergency doctor with Life Flight Queensland. We flew with Matthew and his team to a number of rescues on the Sunshine Coast.

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