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Garda Down Under

RTE Commission 6 x 24 min TV series


Western Australia is the largest police district in the world. The island of Ireland would fit in the region 30 times over. This vast area saw a massive boom in recent years and with the population of the region growing by more than 1,000 people a week, the government recruited Police officers from overseas, including Ireland. Gardai are regarded as highly trained by the WA Police.


From 2005 to the present day, 30 Guards chose to leave their careers in Ireland and move lock stock and barrel to become cops in booming Western Australia.

For the first time ever, the Western Australian Police Department opened their doors to our cameras. With unique and unhindered access, we get an exclusive look at how crime fighters operate down under.

We follow the Irish recruits on the job and off duty.

Garda Down Under was an original concept by Encore Media and a first for Irish television. The idea led to a dozen or so similar series following Irish abroad.

The series was later shown on Australia's Nine Network, the first time a major network in Australia had acquired Irish content.

Martin Mitchell portrait.jpeg

Ex Garda Martin Mitchell, who transferred to Western Australia Police. His journey was featured on the series.

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