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Animal Clinic

RTE Commission 18 x 24 min TV series


We followed the extraordinary work at Ireland's largest animal charity, the Dublin SPCA.

There's a constant stream of cases at the Rathfarnham based shelter. They deal with every kind of animal, not just cats and dogs, and there's a huge variety of creatures needing attention. As the charity continuously grows, so does the number of patients they treatand they take care of thousands of animals every year.

Encore Media was granted exclusive access all areas to film an observational series on behalf of RTE, Ireland's public service broadcaster.


Filmed over three years, the series was a huge ratings success and was recommissioned for a total of three series. It was later acquired by Discovery Networks and shown in several countries around the world.

Main Characters Animal Clinic.jpg

Photo: Beta Bajgart


Photo: Beta Bajgart

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